This Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Please come and join us in worship this coming Sabbath Day, January 13th .

A BLESSED 2019 New Year to YOU in the Lord!

This Sunday morning Pastor Gangar will return to the continuing series on 1 Corinthians. The sermon will be entitled Characteristics of Maturing Churches [1 Corinthians 3:1-23].

The Morning service begins at 10 am. Please come 20 minutes early or earlier for worship preparation and good seating.

Sunday for school for adults is at 0900 am. Children are welcome to attend. Sunday school for age specific children is after the morning service.

In the Evening service we continue looking into the Westminster Shorter Catechism Q 37, the sermon being entitled Death Is Gain for Believers [Philippians 1:19-26].

Service begins at 5 pm. Please come at least 20 minutes before the service begins for worship preparation and good seating. Thank you!

For those waiting for the Eva Schubert Memorial upload I apologize once more. The uploading is still being rejected and I figure to change the type of file to lower its size. The maximum size is 64 MB. Stand by.

The Sermons are NOW Available with Player and MP3 DOWNLOAD option

Thank you brothers and sisters, and friends for your patience. ACCESS is now restored to the sermons. Just click on the hyperlink on the sermons tab and a list will appear. From this list you may listen to any sermon using the player given but to be able to DOWNLOAD an mp3 copy please CLICK ON THE SERMON TITLE you want to get and it will take you to a player of the sermon alone and to the far RIGHT of it is the DOWNLOAD option.

Thanks be to God for answered prayer! Be blessed I pray by His grace through Christ ALONE!