Up and Running! Thanks be to God! [updated]

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ around the world! Thank you for your GREAT patience. We are now uploading 2017 sermons. The sound quality should be of great improvement. Right now the WMA files are in download mode only but the mp3 files have an embedded player underneath each sermon, just hit play. The size any of theĀ  WMA files will be around 30mb or less which should be quite an upgrade for a vocal recording. We will be converting them and reloading them, DV, in due time.

They will be listed from the NEWEST to the oldest instead of the old format which brought request for change from those who frequent this site and that is quite understandable having to scroll considerably, but for older sermons now you must scroll. We will see if we can remedy that too, Lord willing.

May God open your eyes to see wonderful things in His Word and be given ears to hear the Great Shepherd calling you and if you are already established by God in His Covenant, may you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!